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IAS Interview Preparation

UPSC in its notification says that IAS interview will be the test of personality of the candidate. A Board of experienced persons will ask questions of common interests to check suitability of candidates for Civil Services. It will not be a test of knowledge.

There are many myths that tricky questions are asked in IAS Interview. But those who have appeared in IAS Interview are of opinion that they had a very good experience of Interview.

IAS Interview is a structured conversation with some objective. In other words, IAS Interview is a conversation between members of Board and the candidate. This conversation is structured because most of the questions revolve around DAF (Detailed Application Form) of the main examination. In IAS Interview, there is no cross-checking of facts. Also a candidate is not expected to answer all the questions.

“Actions speak louder than the words.” For this purpose, IAS Interview Board will have a psychologist. During IAS Interview, every action, bodily postures, facial expressions are closely watched by the psychologist. In IAS Interview what you answer is important, but how you answer is more important. A candidate going to face IAS Interview should always be mindful of this fact.

The IAS Interview start with DAF (Detailed Application Form). Therefore, a candidate must exhaustively prepare his/her DAF. During IAS Interview, IAS Interview Board expects precise and to the point answers. Probably, in some questions, a candidate may not be sure about the answer. In this case, he/she may be given permission to guess the answer.

In IAS Interview, questions may be factual, or situational. In fact related questions, if the candidate is not sure, he/she may politely say “I am not aware”. However, in situational questions, the Board expects some answer & the candidate must answer these questions according to his/her cognition.

Role of Tact in IAS Interview has a very important significance. Tact in IAS Interview, is about how precise is the answer, and how to pass the question where a candidate is not comfortable. It is also about giving cues to IAS Interview Board, where a candidate is comfortable, to ask more questions.

The essence of IAS Interview is how a candidate is able to form a positive image before the Interview Board. The myth larger the IAS Interview, better the IAS Interview is not true. A candidate able to form positive image before the Interview Board is sufficient to score good marks in IAS Interview.

The best strategy for IAS Interview preparation is self-confidence. With self-confidence, definitely a candidate will have peace of mind. If anybody is facing IAS Interview with these qualities, definitely that individual is going to excel in Interview.

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