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IAS Institute for General studies

UPSC prescribe syllabus for General Studies keeping in mind that a graduate should know these knowledge in any stream of graduation. However, if one looks at questions in preliminary or main examination, find majority of questions are compare and difficult to understand. Toughness of UPSC questions are because of these questions are framed and no question is asked in straightforward manner. Also questions include both sound understanding of the topic and relevant current updates.

At present time, General studies is a keystone of civil service examination. There is no substitute available to avoid General studies. One must accept the challenge of predominance of General Studies in civil services examination. Also this know fact that to have comfort zone long term concernt efforts is needed. For General Studies, there is no short-cut formula will work.

Syllabus of General Studies is divided into Preliminary and Main examination. Main syllabus of General Studies is more exhaustive and also cover roughly 80% syllabus of preliminary exam. Generally, this question comes to syllabus to every student that should prepare first Preliminary or Main? A student may think to prepare first preliminary exam with the logic that main examination will come only when someone has qualified preliminary.

Right way to prepare General Studies for Civil Services Examination to first focus upon main examination syllabus, his/her 80% syllabus of preliminary is automatically prepared. Also, this is known fact that level of depth required to cover up syllabus is much higher. If a candidate is well-versed with the syllabus of main, he/she will have no difficulty in preliminary examination.

Syllabus of General Studies is divided into different sections. After going through whole syllabus, one find every section of General Studies are interlinked. For example, syllabus of world History is as such not related with the Indian History, but we find ample applications in polity, International Relations, Indian Society and Economy. Therefore, if a candidate read syllabus into sections and feel each section is somehow related with others. Definitely, this way candidate will have a sound understanding over General Studies.

Another important aspect of General Studies, that candidate should continuously updated different sections with Current Affairs. A candidate should not take Current Affairs as a separate to syllabus, rather than organize current Affairs with existing syllabus.

Training for General Studies, at present time, is not a work of an individual, but it is a team work. EG Classes General Studies Coaching Institute for IAS has one of largest pool of subject experts. It also invite from time to time retired and serving civil servants to deliver lectures on specific topics. Also whole syllabus of General Studies is presented in such a manner that a candidate gets insight about whole syllabus. Subjects experts of EG Classes General Studies coaching Institute for IAS in Delhi are masters in their respective areas. They are in professional capacity rendering services not only to our students, but they are also conducting training programs to top notch other institutions of the country.

Success of any candidate depends upon quality of guidance and hard work of the candidate. EG Classes General Studies coaching Institute for IAS at Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi does not only believe in completion of syllabus. Our mission is to provide students fruitful knowledge so that he/she comfortably excel in Civil Service Examination.