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IAS Academy

EG Classes Caters to the needs of different students’. Our mission is to provide for holistic and specific needs of students, also specific needs of students.

We have devised courses to meet different needs of students with respect to the demands of the IAS examination. Our regular Courses caters to long term needs of Students for IAS Examination. Special courses are also there to meets specific needs of sections of students. We also offer short term and refresher courses which caters to the needs of existing aspirants of UPSC examination.

EG Classes has meticulously designed correspondence courses also. Our correspondence course is aimed at providing qualitative services to students who are unable to join regular classes. Correspondence course covers syllabus by UPSC exhaustively. Also we assist students with test series and Current Affairs updates.

EG Classes, Delhi offers following regular courses

1. Integrated Foundation Batch,
2. General Studies Foundation Batch,
3. General Studies,
4. CSAT,
5. Public Administration,
6. Geography,
7. Sociology,
8. History.
9. Philosophy
10. Political Science
11. Hindi Sahitya

Integrated Foundation Batch Course is aimed at providing holistic coverage of syllabus of ‘Civil Services Examination. This course is a complete solution to IAS preparation. General Studies Foundation Batch is also follows same approach with only difference that we don’t cover optional subject with this course.
General Studies is now essence of IAS Examination. In this course, we cover UPSC syllabus for General Studies in Preliminary & Main Examination. CSAT course is aimed at preliminary examination is also available in separate batches.

Even after change in UPSC syllabus, Public Administration, Geography, Sociology & History remain most popular of the optional subjects. These optional subjects are popular because are they cover a significant portions of General Studies syllabus. Also, these optional are also scoring in IAS main examination and have given consistent return to aspirants.

EG Classes  also runs special courses for students from North-East, SCs/STs/Minorities & girls. These courses are especially focused on specific needs of students coming from these sections. Also scholarship programs and fee concessions are offered to deserving candidates belonging to above mentioned group.

EG Classes at Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi also meets specific demands of existing aspirants of IAS by offering short term course in following nature.
1. Interview guidance programme
2. Target course for preliminary
3. Targeted General Studies for Preliminary
4. Targeted Main Course-G.S. + Essay
5. Targeted main course-G.S.
6. Essay
7. Polity, Constitution, Governance & IR
8. Ethics, Integrity & Value
9. Economy-module
10. Ecology, Environment & Bio-diversity.

Our short term courses are aimed at a particular section of IAS examination syllabus. The purpose of these courses is to make students target the portion of syllabus where he finds himself weak. It saves his valuable time.

EG Classes offers courses in both English and Hindi medium separately. We have a large pool of experts, research team & other associates to provide quality services to students. Also the academy assists students in finding accommodation in nature of Hostel, PG or Room facility. We have a co-operation of number of service providers to provide facilities to our students.