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Exercise 'Him Vijay' {Defence}

Indian Army holds first-of -its kind, biggest ever mountain combat exercise ‘Him Vijay’ in Arunachal Pradesh, which borders the Chinese controlled Tibet Autonomous Region, China has reportedly raised concerns about the exercise.


  • The exercise is to test mobility, communication and coordination of such huge body of fast-moving troops in difficult terrain.
  • Indian Army is metamorphosing itself to incorporate changes for modern and quick and short war, added the Army officer.
  • Three Battle Groups, each comprising around 4000 soldiers, are participating which will include troop mobilisation, mountain assault and air assault. Elements of special forces will also be part of it.
  • “The exercise is being done more than 100 kilometres inside the Indian Territory from the Line of Actual Control. It has been positioned with the annual ‘Op Alert' which the Army's 3 Corps (Tezpur) and 4 Corps (Rangapahar) carry.”
‘If either side conducts a military exercise involving more than one Brigade Group (approximately 5,000 troops) in close proximity to the Line of Actual Control, it shall not be targeted against the other side.
The side undertaking the exercise shall give, through Flag Meetings, the other side prior intimation 15 days in advance of the exercise with regard to type, level, planned duration and area of exercise as well as the number and type of units or formations participating in the exercise.'

Significance of the exercise
The exercise is important for the validation of the Integrated Battle Group (IBG) that was newly raised with new operational concepts. The IBG was established to meet the modern warfare considering the military progress of the enemy threats.
Source:- The Hindu

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