GS Foundation

General Studies
 is the backbone of present day Civil Services examination. At present time, Preliminary stage is fully dependent upon General Studies.

It has not only relevance in four General Studies papers, but also equally plays a decisive role in Essay & Interview.

General Studies has a very key role to understand four most popular optional subjects Public Administration, Geography, Sociology & History.

Our this course aimed at developing a good insight about the essence of present General Studies syllabus.
For General Studies, knowing different sections of the syllabus is not sufficient. Interlinkages of various sections is necessary to have an insight of the essence of General Studies. Our this course is aimed at development of insight among students about General Studies.

Preliminary examination requires exhaustive knowledge & Main examination requires ability to produce the exhaustive knowledge in limited words & within time constraint of the examination. Our regular tests will gradually evolve this ability among students.

Essay paper in main examination is the easiest paper for those who have knowledge and writing skill. At times, essay paper is a very decisive paper in main examination. This course is mindful of importance of essay paper. The course is aimed at good writing skill required not only for essay papers, but also for papers of General Studies.

Interview is the last stage of the examination & it is called personality test. According to researches, personality of an individual can’t be changed in short span of time. During this course, our gradual endeavour is to evolve the personality of a candidate for Civil Services. For this purpose, we will also provide especial classes on personality development.


  1. Special Baches for Preliminary Examination
  2. Classroom with less Number of student
  3. Portability facility
  4. Best Mentoring
  5. Personal attention given to every students
  6. Proper Study material booklet for stastic part
  7. Monthly Magazines
  8. Daily current affairs and MCQ for practice
  9. Videos for revision.
  10. Regular test